1. hi, would this work for an iphone 4? or should i go with the more complex
    DIY steadicams that have a gimbal?

  2. how much is everything total?

  3. @stratfirstlove Right on!

  4. Nice video man!

  5. Fantastic design and tutorial, thanks.

  6. Y U no use metric system?

  7. @ejud2001 Ah! 🙂

  8. @FirstSecondHobo No comment, hahaha.

  9. @jonmanilenio It is a bit of a pain, if I could do it again, I’d probably
    lie all the parts on a table and slow-timelapse of having them go together.

  10. Hey man I made mine without the top base instead i just added a cap to the
    pvc and adhered my gopro to it. but when I film, it seems to sway side to
    side, like the bottom weights swing a bit. Is there any way to fix it? also
    where is a good place to hold it? Thanks alot

  11. does this thing fall apart if you just hit with PVC glue? (is the screwing
    totally required heh-heh)

  12. This model works great! And it is true that you can make the lengths half
    as long and it will work just as well and is more compact.

  13. how or where to hold your steady cam while running?

  14. What’s your recommendation for making this for a GoPro?

  15. how much does it cost ? without the wooden plate for the camera to fix on!

  16. I think it’s simply a matter of more weight being harder to move. Think of
    holding a small pebble in your hand then trying to shake your hand. Easy
    right? Then think of holding a old school CRT monitor in your arms. Now try
    imagine shaking that sucker. A lot harder to move. Same principal at work

  17. Sergio Santosignacio

    Nice…very nice!! A big hug from Brazil.

  18. nine

  19. Hahaha, I rule at sucking!

  20. Thanks man! A big hug back from the great white north!

  21. Hey Karam, the lens is a Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 and it does NOT have image

  22. wow im going to make this

  23. oooh thats why you seem so chill….youre canadian eh!

  24. how heavy are those floor flanges?

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