Safe Alternatives for Mouse Control

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by Madison Evans

Dealing with mouse and rodent control is frustrating at the worst of times, but the thought of potentially dangerous sprays make manyhomeowners uneasy; the thought of the mixture of miscellaneous toxic repellants floating in someone’s house can be very unappealing.

It is entirely understandable for some people to disagree with chemical treatment for rodent control. They may have small children or pets whose safety they are concerned with, or they may simply be hesitant to introduce foreign chemicals into their local environment. However, options exist for homeowners outside the introduction of poisonous chemicals to keep mouse and rodent problems under control.

The first step in poison-free rodent control is stopping the invaders entry at the source; to defend your home, you must seek out and close off any crack or hole rodents can access. Make no mistake, this can be an extremely time consuming task. Mice are able to fit through very small spaces, even a surprising quarter-inch diameter hole.

Mice are known for their ability to chew up most of they come in contact with; once you have located their entrance routes, their teeth are no match for a steel wool blockade – which permanently seals the hole . While the initial location and blocking of mouse entrances may be daunting and demands regular inspection, with enough dedicationhomeowners are capable of keeping rodents out of their abodes.

One must couple their defense strategies from outside their home with the imperative task of making a home’s interior just as unwelcoming to mice. Mice will try to gnaw through anything, and cardboard is no difficult foe for them at all; one must make certain that food is stored in sealed air-tight containers.

Also be sure to clean and vacuum immediately after meals, denying rodents the chance to make their move on tasty morsels. As a good precautionary method, you can scent your home with various herbal oils to keep mice away. Moth balls and peppermint oils have be proven to act as mild pest repellant, so strategic airings of these scents will assist inmouse control.

These tasks are time consuming and require diligence on the homeowner’s part; not everyone may have the ability to maintain the constant watch required to keep rodents away. In such circumstances, hired professional pest control effectively relieves much burden.

If you decide to have the rodents professionally handled, ask your contracted help what green services and options they have added to their traditional packages.

Updated: November 11, 2012 — 2:12 am

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