Top Five Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas….the smallest bedroom in the house is always the most difficult to decorate, but don’t fret, help is here!.

This guide will run you through some simple steps you can take to reduce the stress of small bedroom decorating. These tops are: light and bright, storage solutions, getting the right bed and best bespoke bedroom furniture and matching furniture accessories. They all sound so obvious when you read them, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t use them!

• Light & Bright:

It is well-known to painters, interior decorators, and art students that dark colors make a space look smaller. If you choose dark hues of black, red or blue (among others), you’ll end up with a space that will inspire breaks for freedom or claustrophobia.

If you want black, for instance, choose a light grey instead, or a very light pink for red, and a sky blue in place of royal blue. Ensure that the paint finish is high gloss, semi-gloss, or satin – all will reflect light and help create the illusion of vast space where there isn’t any.

The next five tips all concern the furniture and no matter the type of furniture you choose, ensure that it helps co-ordinate the room.

• Everything Should Match:

A matching set will create uniformity and trick they eye into thinking there’s more space. In addition to this, you need to think of storage and there are some clever ways to gain this space in a small bedroom decorating scheme.

• Get It Bespoke:

One of the best ways is to choose bespoke furniture which is, while slightly more expensive, the handiest thing for creating tons of space where you didn’t have any before. While it is slightly more expensive, bespoke furniture can be custom made to suit your needs and space.

• Storage Solutions:

Think, too, about a hideaway storage option. You can get some awfully attractive storage bins these days that don’t look exactly like storage binsand they can be stacked just about anywhere from floor to ceiling.

• The Right Bed Is Key:

Don’t forget to consider the bed. A smaller bed will be required if you want to employ a dresser, however, if you can live without a dresser in exchange for a larger bed, then consider a storage bed with built in drawers or shelves. Smaller rooms are best used as Kid’s bedrooms because of the vast and practical choice of children’s beds.

• The Right Mattress For Your Bed:

Lastly, remember to choose the right mattress for your bed. A personal favorite we can recommend is memory foam. The idea of memory foam is incredibly simple. Instead of sleeping on springs, you sleep on very thick foam that gives way where you press on it. Technically, it’s called visco-elastic: visco (from viscous) means it moves when you apply a force; elastic means it returns to its original shape when you remove the force!.

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