Solar Outdoor Lighting for Your Garden

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Outdoor lighting systems for gardens and yards have been around for years. Many earlier systems required hours of running of wires, digging trenches, and placing complicated control panels to adjust lighting and setting timer switches.

Thankfully, modern outdoor lighting has progressed and evolved over the last decade. Now most modern outdoor lighting systems are solar powered, turn off and on automatically, and require very little, if any, installation and maintenance.

While many complicated and expensive outdoor lighting systems still exist, many home improvement stores have systems that are easy to use, are cheap and simple to install.

For instance, Lowe’s has solar outdoor lighting systems to fit nearly anyone’s style and budget. From a six piece collection of solar powered walkway lights for under $40 to the Westinghouse solar powered lamppost for under $250. It contains six, one watt white L.E.D. bulbs for maximum brightness as well as maximum efficiency. While the $250 price tag seems steep, once you factor in running new underground power to the location, installing a new breaker in the circuit panel and cost of electricity, it won’t be long before it pays for itself.

While Home Depot’s selection of solar powered outdoor lighting supplies are similar to Lowe’s, Home Depot does have something different than other home improvement centers; solar powered flood lights camouflaged as rocks! For a little over $30 these solar powered flood lights provide a strong light beam on any focal area in your garden, yard or patio.

If you own a deck, another great product in solar powered outdoor lighting are the 4×4 plastic solar post cap light. These caps fit perfectly over any 4×4 post or beam on your deck. These lighted post caps can add a sophisticated touch of class for just over $5 each! No wiring or other tools needed except for a few screws and a screw gun.

Another great product for decks or walkways with stairs are the solar powered pathway markers from Lowe’s. These simply screw to your deck to illuminate stairs, walkways or areas of your deck that need special attention. With no wiring involved, you can place these solar powered pathway markers nearly anywhere and all for around $15 a piece.

With all of this solar lighting around your deck, why would you ever leave? Mosquitoes that’s why! No problem! Not with the solar powered mosquito inhibitor from Camping Gear Depot. Not only is it a solar powered mosquito inhibitor, it’s also a light and all for around $35.

Best of all it uses a chemical called Linalool that is twice as strong as DEET, one of the active ingredients in most bug spray. When mosquitoes seek blood they detect a mammals exhaled breath. In this breath contains two ingredients mosquitoes pick up on with built in receptors. Carbon dioxide and octenol (an alcohol) are exhaled from the mouth and nose and the mosquito uses this scent trail to follow a mammal up to 100 feet away. Linalool prevents the mosquitoes scent receptors from working thereby making anyone within 100 feet away invisible to the mosquitoes.

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