Stop Sitting On Your Cash

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by Danny Rodgers
(Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

Do you need some extra cash? There may be cash sitting around in your home, and you don’t even know it. In fact, you are probably sitting on it right now! If you have furniture in good condition that you no longer need, don’t just leave it sitting in your home, gathering dust. Instead, consider selling it through a high end furniture consignment store!.

There are many reasons why the market is increasing for recycled furniture and consignment stores are offering a way for people to purchase gently used and recycled furniture, without having to haunt the local garage sales in hopes of picking up a bargain.

You can get in on this increasing market share, by selling your own gently used and recyclable furniture to the consignment stores. Turn your furniture into cash for when you need it most.

Not only will you unlock the cash you need, but by selling your used furniture you will be helping to save the environment. There are plenty of people who prefer to decorate their homes with gently used furniture, rather than purchase new furniture that has a bigger carbon footprint.

New furniture uses new materials which has an impact on the environment. This can include including trees being cut down for wood and factories producing carbon emissions and using water to manufacture plastics, metal springs and synthetic fabrics.

Selling your gently used furniture rather than dumping it into landfill saves the environment further. Landfill is a problematic way of getting rid of rubbish, and many objects that end up in landfill, such as used furniture, could realistically have been recycled.

Recycling furniture makes sense. You may simply want a new look for your home or to change the style of decor. However, the furniture you have already was designed to last for many more years Why simply throw it away into landfill, or waste hours trying to sell it on your front lawn as part of a garage sale?

If you throw your used furniture into landfill, you are literally throwing your cash away (and having a larger impact on the environment). Holding a garage sale costs money to advertise and you have to sit in your front yard waiting for customers to show up. You may not make very much cash trying to sell your furniture through a garage sale, as most people expect extremely cheap bargains at a garage sale.

unlock the cash you have been sitting on by selling it to the high end furniture consignment store. This is a quick and easy way to sell your furniture, as you have buyers ready to purchase. You do not need toadvertise or wait for the customer to show up. People know what to expect from a consignment store and are more likely to pay decent prices for your used furniture, compared to what you would receive at a garage sale.

While at the furniture consignment store, you may like to look at the other furniture and save yourself money by getting your new look for your home with recycled furniture.

Updated: November 17, 2013 — 11:32 am

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