The Diversity of Gardening

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Gardening could well be defined as simply the act of growing plants. It began as a need for food but has become very diverse. Gardens can consist of any kind of plant. Not just food, but flowers and other “ornamental” plants as well as herbs and medicinal plants. People maintain not only fruit and vegetable gardens, but flower gardens and even rock gardens.


Gardening is not only done in a back yard, but on rooftops, decorating entire blocks and on the side of freeways. There are all kinds of gardens, from professional flower gardens to small residential gardens, to orchards and greenhouses. Gardening may well be the oldest profession and certainly one of the first.

In prehistoric times, fruit and vegetable gardens were planted to supplement the food supply. Herbs and other plants were also cultivated for medicinal purposes.

The wealthy of Egypt would plant trees and shrubs that are enclosed within high walls as a means to relax and escape. Rome has gardens of statues covered in ivy.

There are many cultures in which the design of a garden is considered a work of art. These gardens often have themes such as a Japanese garden or a wildlife theme with shrubs designed to look like wild animals.

Gardening, born of necessity for food, has evolved into an art form. Anyone with an interest is able to garden and the possibilities for creativity are endless. There has even been talk of planting gardens in outer space. Because there is no gravity in space, researchers are working on ways to help the plants take root and be productive.

Those involved in the planning of outer space colonization are very aware that to survive, food must be readily available. Almost certainly, there are architects hard at work planning the first Japanese garden on the moon, complete with Bonsai trees and all.

For those who have perfected the art of gardening it has turned into something very special and unique. Gardening can be very relaxing and therapeutic. It can be a great source of enjoyment for those that know how to appreciate it fully. If more people would take the time to understand gardening then they would make better use of this wonderful past time. The future is bright for gardening because there are many people actively promoting it and making more people aware of it. Gardening also is important in combating global warming.

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