The Secret To Maintaining Beautiful Marble Tiles In Your Home

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by Connie Palmer
(Boston, Mass. USA)

Few things in your home can rival the beauty of floors covered withmarble tiles. When you use marble in your home, you are borrowing design from some of the world’s most gorgeous structures, and bringing the classic beauty right into your own home. Not only do they give your home a classic beauty, but they are also very surprisingly easy to maintain.

Part of the durability given by marble tiles comes from the fact they are only installed over clean, level flooring. The tiles are held very securely in place with special glue, which provides a very strong hold. The mortar which is spread between the tiles only adds to their stability, and completes a bond which will bring the average family a lifetime of functional service.

Among stone, marble is considered to be fairly soft, which explains why so many of the old masters liked to use it as the materials for their carvings and sculptures. The surface of marble can be scratched quite easily by dirt or other types of grit on someone’s shoe.

Therefore it’s important to watch out for those who would track in heavy mud or small bits of sandy gravel. The wrong weather conditions mixed with an absent minded visitor can lead to a situation which results in scratches on your gorgeous marble tiles.

To keep your marble floor looking its absolute best, you should keep it as clean as humanly possible. You may want to purchase a broom with has extra soft bristles that are made to eliminate scratches from routine sweeping. By taking the time to sweep your marble tilesregularly, you will be able to avoid having your floor damaged by dirt that has somehow made its way onto your tiles.

You may also opt to get a small vacuum that doesn’t have bristles or brushes touching the floor. This is a great way to clean your tiles without having to deal with the fear of damaging your floors while trying to keep them clean.

Loose dirt and other granular particles is your marble floor’s worst enemy, and can cost you a hefty repair bill. It is advised that when you have any type of flooring installed you purchase extra so that in the event of a damaged floor, it can be repaired properly, and less expensively.

Spills that occur on marble surfaces must be attended to immediately. Anything that’s acidic in nature such as juice, soda pop and wine can wreak havoc on your tiles. Although recommended for a lot of household cleaning applications, it’s imperative that you never use any type of vinegar on marble surfaces.

Vinegar is a highly potent acid, and will ruin marble. While cleaning marble, you should only use specialty cleaning supplies which are intended for use on marble, or you could be looking at replacing your floor.

One of the best things you can do for your marble tile flooring is to have it sealed every three months or so. You should also polish the floor with an approved polish and material to keep it shining like new. By taking these steps you should be able to enjoy your marble tilesfor many years to come.

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Updated: November 11, 2012 — 5:03 am

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