The Top 5 Questions You Should Ask a Landscape Designer

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First impressions is a sense of awe and relaxation. Just to feel that, wow, the rhythm of this feels really good. When I first began this project, I began to look at where the home was going to be situated on the lot,how the driveway was going to come into the home, what are we gonna be the vista views?.

What were some of the focal views inside the home? And what were things that maybe we needed to take away. Were there any visual obstacles like utility lines or poles or neighbors or other patio views.

I began to look at, how do I fuse, Is the inside and outside and make it feel like it’s one. To make the home look like it’s been there a while and that it was meant to be on the site. So I think that’s the biggest goal.

One of my favorite spots happens to be the transitional, kind of turnaround, in the front walk because it’s a soft transition. It’s very living. The lawn kinda creeps into that space. And it’s okay to walk on lawn.

People observe it, but you can play on it, play football, soccer on it. You can definitely walk on it. When setting a landscape project from scratch or doing a home renovational landscape project, we do recommend starting from the rear of the property and Working your way back.

That being so because if you’re bringing in larger plant material, or equipment such as bobcats or excavators, you can kind of start from your back, setting your grade, planting your material and working towards the front.

And ending with that superb kind of curb appeal. Plant material that does not pay off is things that I consider to be seasonally on the edge. Meaning that, you know, they could survive, they could not survive.

You know, certain stuff like that you can kind of learn the hard way by paying for stuff and it doesn’t come back. One of the things I recommend is go to your local greenhouses and local growers.

And kinda get a chance to see the way those things look. And ask around with how they’ve been seasonally. The best bang-for-your-buck plants are what I call the award winner year after year, and those are native To your part of the country and to your hearty zone.

One of the things I wanna tell homeowners is to really think about detail. And when you introduce a little bit of detail in your landscape, you can really Make huge strides. And that being certain pots, or custom pots, right? Or the type of border stone mulch, even if you’re on a budget.

A few of the specific little details that you have put in your landscaping in the space that you.  And habit either on your deck or patio or through the yard will make a great difference.


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