Things That Get in the Way of Working at Home

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by Colleen McArthur
(New York, USA)

Managing Emotional Problems That Get in the Way of Working at Home!

You wouldn’t know it but working from home has its own set of emotional problems. At first, it is fun but give it a few days and you will discover some emotional disturbances that you may have never experienced.

You probably will not be burdened by office politics but you will discover a whole new dimension of threats to your emotional stability when you work from home. Here are some ways to guarantee that you won’t become a victim of influences that can affect your emotions and reduce your productivity when working out of your home.

Managing Emotions from Deadline Pressure

Most work from home involves pressure to get things done by a certain deadline. Missing deadlines can cause additional stress and, when not managed properly, can affect the quality of the final product. There are a couple of factors that contribute to problems meeting deadlines. The first is taking on too much and the second is not managing the jobs taken on well.

Usually, the problem is taking on too many projects because no one likes to turn away work. Then, after taking on too much, reality sets in and it becomes obvious that deadlines cannot be met. So the advice here is to approach new work carefully and learn how to turn away any work that is not in your best interests. You’re your own notes about how long it really takes to do certain types of projects. And, when you take on a project, start as soon as you possible so you can and avoid last minute marathons to completion.

Do Not Focus on One Task Too Long

In economics, it is called the Law of Diminishing Returns. Simplified, the law states that at some point production decreases even though the input increases. It is the same with freelancing–especially in tasks involving creative arts. For example, if you are a freelance writer, research alone can take several hours just to write a one-page article.

Research can seem mundane and quite boring at times and it is for these reasons that you must give your mind a rest. You can exercise, watch a little television, go out for lunch, or just clean something around the house. However, breaks such as these should be timed so as to not cut into your productive hours too much.

Get Out of Your Hole

Some call this “cabin fever” but there are times when sitting by yourself at a computer for extended periods of time can cause you to feel trapped and even out of breath. We do not think this could happen to us but consider that humans are social beings and working for extended periods of time in isolation can spawn emotional problems.

Sometimes, a person working in isolation does not even know that these emotions are creeping in. The answer to avoiding this problem is to learn to get out once in awhile. Many will grab their laptop computer and head to a coffee shop and while they may work alone they are still among people. Having pets is also another good way to fight against emotional problems associated with isolation.

Avoid or at Least Minimize Alcohol

Some say there is nothing wrong with having a couple of drinks at lunch while others are staunchly opposed to any alcohol whatsoever. You have to use common sense here. For example, some whofreelance from home as writers will tell you that a couple of drinks helps them think better while others only want to go to sleep. Alcohol, as a depressant, might lift your mood for a short time but leave you in despair and ineffective in the long run!

Updated: February 10, 2016 — 4:08 am

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