Tips on Creating a Green Energy Home

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by Lesley Flowers
(Montreal, Canada)

What is so amazing about green energy is that it is all around us all the time. Not convinced? I’m talking about the sun, wind and water. These are all sources of energy which is both renewable and sustainable. The best part about using these green energy sources is that they are available without any cost to us. Since these energy sources are clean and form natural energy, they are considered to be the most popular forms of green energy.

If you have heard about green energy in the home, there is a very good chance that you are dealing with the sun, wind or water. Why only these types of sources? Well, these are the only green energy sources that could be used near homes. Other forms of green energy include biomass, biofuel, geothermal and tidal energy. Throughout the rest of this article, we will be looking at the more convenient green energy sources used for the home.

In basic terms, solar energy is one of the very popular forms of green energy used in the home. Thousands of homes have started using solar panels to use the sun for energy creation, as the sun gets up well before us. Solar energy generation is the process of converting the sunlight into usable electricity. Electricity is created from the sun by using small energy saving cells that are installed on large plates known as solar panels. These solar based cells convert any form of sunlight into direct energy, which powers anything and everything in the home.

Another great way to have a green energy home is by using wind for energy. Wind energy is completely free to make use of, as all you need is a wind turbine. Wind turbines are connected to electricity creation panels, which use the wind and some sunlight. Most of the modern wind turbines also have solar panels in order to help with electricity creation. In some vast land areas, you may see some large standing constructions that look somewhat like fan; these are wind turbines. The only downfall about being able to wind energy for the home is that you need a vast area of land to install these green energy installations.

Since these green energy sources are completely natural and renewable, they are the most cost effective methods of generating usable electricity. If you have an adequate amount of solar panels for your home, you will be able to generate tons of electricity that could be used for hours.

In Quebec, water is used to generate electricity for the entire province. Water dams are setup, which cause turbines to spin and generate highly intense levels of electricity. Hydro energy is surely a great green energy source, but it too will be very hard to build around a home. If you have the financial ability to build a dam near your home, you could essentially forget about paying electricity bills for your home.

As you have just read, green energy sources are readily available, but you just need the resources to be able to use it. In most cases, for a green energy home, you would be better off by using solar panels that generate adequate amounts of energy.

Updated: January 18, 2013 — 9:19 am

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