Top 5 Materials to Consider for Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

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outdoor kitchen cabinetsYou have set your mind on an outdoor kitchen, and you’re excited to host your barbecue parties. However, you find that hauling kitchenware from the inside out becomes a problem every time you have a party. Leaving kitchenware outside is also not an option since they deteriorate because of unpredictable weather conditions.

The kitchen is no longer restricted to the inside of the house. Wherever you can cook up a feast, that’s where your kitchen is!. However, doing this inside the house and outside are two different matters. For one, you need not worry about weather conditions as much as you do with an outdoor kitchen. Hence, materials used outside the house need a different planning approach. Kitchen necessities such as your kitchen cabinets need to be weatherproof to withstand extreme changing situations.

The first thing that you need to consider when building or choosing an outdoor kitchen cabinet is its material. A regular wood or metal cabinet just won’t cut it. Imagine the wear and tear it’s exposed to every day! While there is an array of materials for indoor kitchens, you’ll find that the materials for outdoor kitchen are not that many which makes the choosing less tedious.

Materials Guide for Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Before jumping on a shopping-and-building spree, check out these top 5 materials used for outdoor kitchen cabinets. Cabinet makers use these to achieve the desired look, function, and durability expected from an all-weather storage. Investing in these elevate your property’s equity value so read up.

1. Marine-Grade Polymer – Marine grade polymer kitchen cabinets are water tight and UV-resistant. Because it’s UV resistant, it does not melt, unlike any regular plastic.

Teak Wood – Manufacturers usually use teak wood for marine and outdoor applications because of their natural water-resistant attribute. Because of this quality, boat builders prefer teak over any other material. In addition to it being water resistant, it’s also resilient to fungi, mildew and rot. Teak wood is not only used for its durability but also for its elegance. Finish it with a water-seal treatment and make sure to do it on a periodic basis, so it maintains its classic, elegant look.

2. 304 Stainless Steel Type or Grade – Stainless steel, unlike other metal materials, is good for outdoor kitchen cabinets because it does not corrode or stain. Many home builders recommend using a 304 stainless steel type or grade. The use of stainless steel varies; some use it to build a whole cabinet and others prefer to wrap it around a different core material. Either way, it’s sure to provide additional durability to your kitchen cabinets.

3. Masonry with Backer Board – Builders consider any stone, brick-and-mortar type of masonry reinforced with a backer board as one of their main options in constructing cabinets because such materials are highly durable. This is because backer boards are constructed with a thin layer of concrete with fiberglass mesh on both its sides, which makes these materials a sturdy setting surface for attaching brick, mortar, and stone exteriors as well as tile and flooring. They are also heat and water resistant, which makes them a perfect lining for outdoor kitchen cabinets.

4. Concrete/Stucco – While most consider it as a finish, some home builders also use concrete stucco as an outdoor kitchen cabinet. It is lightweight, easy-to-apply, and is one of the least expensive materials surface materials one can use, especially in large-scale implementations. Applying stucco to any concrete outdoor kitchen block, wood, or stainless steel cabinet reinforces its solid form.

Contractors can also utilize synthetic stucco for flexibility and less susceptibility to cracking. In addition, homeowners can color stucco using a wide variety of pigments and stains. If you have that artistic flair, you can also use stucco to create textures and unique patterns. Just make sure to use paint or finish to “seal” the material and make it last for years without touch-ups or repairs.

Once you have settled on a material, you are now set to enjoy your outdoor parties better. You no longer have to worry about any deterioration on your kitchenware nor any back and forth trips to your indoor kitchen. You now have an outdoor kitchen cabinet built to withstand the outdoor roughs, which allow you to enjoy socializing with friends and family.

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