Top 7 Reasons to Set Up a Home Office

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by Bonny Styles
(New York, USA)

Working at home is the dream of many a worker, but it is important for those workers to be prepared for a radical change in lifestyle.Working at home can be quite different than working in an office, and it is important for employees to understand both the benefits and the drawbacks.

One of the best ways to capture the advantages of working at homewhile avoiding potential conflicts is to set up an office in your home. Having a dedicated space from which to work has a number of important advantages, including:

1. A home office provides an important physical boundary.
Working at home is a dream for many parents, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if realistic boundaries are not set up. Without clear boundaries in place working at home can devolve into a never ending series of family crises. An established workspace – with a locking door – provides a clear physical boundary that all members of the family can respect.

2. A home office helps create an air of professionalism.
Part of the fun of working at home is the casual nature of the situation, but it is all too easy to become a bit too casual when working out of the bedroom, kitchen or living room. Setting up a home office gives you a set space in which to work and helps create the type of professionalism you will need to get the job done. A good rule of thumb for working at home is to not do anything that would not be permitted at the office, including watching TV, taking personal phone calls and so on. Working from a home office can help you to maintain the kind of discipline you will need to succeed.

3. A home office allows you to concentrate!.
Having a home office makes it easier to take important business calls, conduct meetings and discuss confidential information. A home office provides a quiet space in which to conduct business. Simply shutting out distractions like televisions, radios and other sources of noise is a great way to get into work mode and get down to business Closing and locking the door to the home office before the start of important meetings will help ensure you will not be disturbed.

4. Tax Deducible?.
In some cases a home office can be used as a tax write-off.. The rules governing deductions for home office expenses are complicated, and it is important for anyone who works at home or runs a home based business to consult with a qualified tax accountant, CPA enrolled agent or other tax professional. If the home office does qualify the worker may be able to enjoy significant tax savings over the years

5. Safe Storage for Important Stuff!.
Having a home office provides a safe and secure place for all those important physical documents A file cabinet or locking desk drawer provides a handy place to keep all those important documents, including tax documents, bank records and other confidential material. Even in the age of the computer and endless emails much of the business world still runs on paper. A home office gives workers a place to safely store these important physical documents.

6. Practical Working Environment.
A home office provides a more efficient and effective working environment. Trying to juggle work documents, a laptop and a bin full of the kids’ toys can be counterproductive to say the least. Setting up a home office is a great way to block out the distractions and focus on the task at hand. While some home workers are able to deal with the distractions, setting up a home office is the best way to block out those stresses and focus on the task at hand.

7. Meets Company Telecommuting Requirements.
Some businesses require their telecommuting workers to set up a dedicated workspace. Depending on the nature of the job and the legalities involved setting up a secure home workspace may be a requirement. Privacy laws and other such regulations may require that workers who choose to work out of their home comply with various requirements, including locking files away in locked file cabinets or desk drawers, password protecting and locking their computer screens and setting up a safe and secure workspace within the home. Workers interested in telecommuting should be sure to clarify any such expectations with their employers.

Updated: September 25, 2013 — 2:01 pm

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