Transplanting Roses During the Growing Season

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Transplanting roses during the growing season is possible, even though, generally, the best time to transplant roses is when they are dormant during the winter months or very early in Spring.

If the rose plant you want to transplant is wilted or doesn’t seem completely healthy, it’s best not to transplant during the growing season. Your roses must be healthy and strong to survive the trauma of transplant. Also, keep your eye on the weather. Never transplant on days of extremes, when the weather is exceptionally hot or windy.

If you do decide that you must transplant your roses during the growing season, take the following precautions to ensure the least traumatic transplant experience:

  1. Water the plant thoroughly the day before you plan to transplant. Moist plant root cells are more likely to survive the trauma of transplant.
  2. Prepare the planting bed before you begin the transplanting process. Make sure the location gets an adequate amount of sun and air circulation, and that the soil is rich in nutrients, with a generous mixture of peat moss and organic matter.
  3. Transplant as soon as the roses have been dug out of the ground. Limit the amount of time that the root ball is exposed to the heat and dry air. If immediate planting is not possible, keep the plant in a cool and dark location. Exposing the plant and roots to the sun and heat may damage your roses permanently.
  4. As soon as you have transplanted your roses, water them thoroughly. Roses require a lot of water during the growing season, which is especially true if they have been recently transplanted.
  5. Wait until new growth develops before you fertilize. Fertilizing at the time of transplant is risky because the fertilizer may be too concentrated for the vulnerable roots. Instead, wait until you see new growth, and then fertilize lightly.

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Updated: May 26, 2013 — 1:19 pm

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