Using Vegetables in Your Landscape

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There are so many different ways to grow edibles or vegetables and herbs.

You know, some gardeners, if they’ve got a lot of space, love to create long rows with a segregate the different varieties and keep them separated.

That’s one way to do it.

And others like to mix it up, you know,a little of this a little of that where they all intertwine.

It’s just another approach.

Edibles are so versatile.

Most will grow in a wide variety of conditions.

The possibilities are frankly endless when you know what you’re doing.

You see with this resurgence of growing your own food, more diversified gardening, mixing edibles with ornamental flowers, is more appealing, especially if you have limited space.

Hey Angel.

How you doin’? You taking a break? You see just about anything you can grow in the garden you can grow in containers, which makes it really handy just outside the kitchen door.

Here I’ve created a theme garden, a tea garden,using aromatic herbs like lavender and a couple of types of mint.

This is chocolate mint and sweet mint.

Over here are lemon balm and rosemary.

You can create other types of theme gardens and no matter what theme you choose I always recommend that you use larger containers and always go for dwarf or patio varieties of vegetables when you can.

They just work better in smaller spaces.

There are also practical reasons for mixing edibles with more ornamental flowers in your garden.

You see it’s all about diversity.

Flowering plants attract pollinating and beneficial insects so having them close to your edibles increases the chances of these little workers lending a hand.

The main thing to do is just have some fun and get creative with the space you have.

For instance, I’m using the railing on this deck to help support this tomato plant.

Hey, it works.

Another great place to think about using edibles in your landscape is along the path as a border like I’ve done herewith parsley.

You can use curly parsley.

There I’ve planted it directly in the ground or you can use flat-leaf Italian and containers that dot along the path.

Some other plants that I love to use as border plants include strawberries, blueberries, and if you are looking for a ground cover, then why not think about using oregano or thyme.

You just want to remember the conditions of your site.

Most of these plants need six hours of sun each day.

They require consistent moisture.

And if you focus on herbs, one of the great things about them is many of them are drought tolerant.

No matter what size garden you have, it’s just more efficient to mix the herbs, vegetables, and flowers.

And hey, not only do you get the beauty, you get great tasting flavor.

Mm, mm.

You are good tasting basil.

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