Vermicomposting Tips

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Vermicomposting uses worms to compost non-fatty kitchen wastes. Follow these steps to vermicompost:

  1. Get a plastic storage bin. A good size for a family of six is 1’x2’x3.5′.
  2. Drill eight to ten holes, approximately 1/4-inch in diameter, in the bottom of the bin for drainage.
  3. Line the bottom of the bin with fine nylon mesh to keep the worms from escaping.
  4. Put a tray underneath the bin to catch the drainage.
  5. Place bedding in the bin. Shredded newspaper is good bedding. Rip into pieces and water well so that it is thoroughly moist. Place on one side of your bin. Do not let it dry out.
  6. Add worms to your bin. Redworms are recommended for best composting. Redworms are the common small worms found in most gardens and lawns. You can collect them from under a pile of mulch or order them from a garden catalog.
  7. Give the worms food wastes such as vegetable and fruit peelings. Limit the amount of citrus fruits, which could make the bin too acidic and may attract fruit flies. No meats, bones, oils, or dairy products. Also, do not provide too much feed at once, which may cause the material to rot.
  8. Keep the bin in a dark location away from extreme temperatures.
  9. In about three months the worms should have changed the bedding and food wastes into compost. Add fresh bedding and more food to the other side of the bin. The worms will migrate to the new food supply.
  10. After a couple of weeks, open your bin in a bright light. The worms will burrow into the bedding. Scoop out the finished compost and apply to your plants or save for use in the spring.

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