1. Wrapping anything around your plants will potentially harm them no matter
    what twine you use. I suggest using tomato trellis clips and you should
    have no problems. Check em out!

  2. Good stuff. Love that t frame

  3. Good video David. I started this year with cheap organic twine and it’s
    been so much of a headache! 🙂 Keep doing what you’re doing, God Bless.

  4. Good tips, thanks.

  5. Great tips to pass on. Thanks!

  6. All good tips. Thanks for taking the time to pass them on to us.

  7. Great tips, big thanx! Noting like real-life review on a subject 🙂 Life is

  8. Thanks a lot. Love and appreciate your videos.

  9. Thanks for the Updates. This will help when I get my frames built later
    this fall.

  10. I read your comment in a Mr. Burns voice.

  11. Sharing lessons learned along the way – its what caring people do. Thank
    you David! -=dave=-

  12. The Productive Garden

    Thanks for sharing your experience. You have some great tips here that
    could be used in many setups.

  13. Love all your vids. Very helpful and real. Your offgrid experience was a
    great reality check. Keep the faith brother and keep posting!

  14. nice job. good advice.

  15. Great info! I have been using the MM for several years with great success
    and your videos still are teaching me useful tips. It really is true that
    the closer you adhere to the method the more success you will have. I have
    seen a lot of people “improve” upon the method with little success, but you
    have given several tips that really do improve the system. Keep it up.

  16. Thanks so much updating your tips. I too agree, learning at someone else’s
    expense is by far the most cost effective. So all I can do right now is
    thank you for sharing caring and your humility. Oh, and producing a very
    easy to hear and listen to production.

  17. unclefrankonap1953

    just a .great video right from the heart .where do you get the bailer twine
    140 lbs strenght.

  18. I recommend 170 lbs baler twine. I added a link in the description box
    below the video. I hope that helps.

  19. Thank you for your comments. At the beginning I kept trying to improve the
    system. I learned I can’t. This video shows “improvements” I made and now
    have hanged. I don’t use packaging twine, extra hardware to tighten the
    wire and I put the PVC arch in the inside. I added the additional wire on
    top after seeing Jim Kennard’s garden a few weeks ago. Sometimes I think we
    (he) does things and it is so natural he forgets to share the details. I’m
    all about details. I hope these help you and others.

  20. Thank you for your comments. We have used the clips for many years. My
    experience is they last about one year. But you never know when they are
    going to break. Because they break and the mason line (thin poly line) also
    breaks the majority of my wife’s vertical plants have fallen. Some
    completely damaged other we were able to save. We now both use the baler
    twine. Because of the money she has spent it is taking her longer to stop
    using the clips. But she has almost all of them off her plants now

  21. could you do a quick video describing the difference in wrapping the twine
    around the plant and wrapping the plant around the twine? Thank you for
    doing these videos, I know they are time consuming but they are very
    informative, motivational and a wee bit convicting. would you be willing to
    come to Shreveport and do a seminar at the LDS church here.? Last year they
    did a preparedness fair that was well attended. Hope all is well

  22. Check out this video on YouTube:

  23. Subscribed. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Love watching people toss a ton of money at things.

  25. I was a parachute rigger in the Navy and a theatrical rigger after. There
    is a saying about Crosby clips {u bolt and galvanized steel device [called
    a saddle] holding your cable on the thimble} “never “saddle” a dead horse”
    you have 3 clips in place as recommended on package to retain lifting
    strength of cable however you have clips #’s 1&3 up side down[dead horse=
    the end of the cable and the u bolt closest to it should be u bolt on the
    dead end. in this application I would have only used 2

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