Walmart – Maintaining your Budget and Preserving your Nerves

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by Sabina Mendez
(San Diego, California, USA)

WalMart. The name strikes fear into the heart of many people. The Great Satan of our time, stealing from the poor and making billions for the rich. That retail giant, running “Mom and Pop” out of business and changing the way we shop forever.

How many times have you filled that cart, only to discover you’ve spent more than you intended? Do you cringe, pulling into that lot, knowing you’re in for an unpleasant experience? Has Walmart deceived you into believing you can no longer afford to shop in the large grocery stores?.

For many, the answer is “yes.” So you plaster a smile on your face, load the kids in the car and head out again. Can you survive a trip to Walmart, protecting your nerves and sticking to your budget? Sure. And I’ll show you how it’s done!

Don’t Shop

WalMart wants you to spend as much as possible. Their profit is built on volume. So they pack the end caps with great deals and enticers Do you need dog food? You’ll most likely find it on the other side of the store. Are you looking for shampoo? Now you have to travel to another area. You can bet you’ll see something during your journey that entices you. How to combat this? Make a list and stick to it. If you avoid unnecessary areas, you can’t be tempted by the Beast.

Plan your Menu for the Next Week

This sounds like a cumbersome task at best, but still worthwhile. Use a dry erase calendar (WalMart sells them cheap) and map out what you’ll be eating for the next week. Then make your shopping list. Be sure and include items you’ll need for your kids’ lunches and any toiletries that have run out. This planning relieves stress because you’ve already answered the question, “What’s for dinner?.” You won’t need to make any “quick WalMart runs.” Trust me, you’ll never emerge from Walmart with just dinner.

Leave the kids (maybe your husband too) with Grandma

If at all possible, leave the kids with a grandparent, friend, neighbor, whomever you trust. Not only will your trip take less time, but you won’t have to deal with “Mommy, can I have that?,” and “Mommy, Derek touched me again.” Ahhh. A relaxing trip into Hell without any additional stress. Sign me up!

Updated: April 12, 2013 — 3:06 pm

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