Weed Control Tips

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A mechanical weed control device: the diagonal...

A mechanical weed control device: the diagonal weeder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Three methods of weed control are pulling weeds by hand, using landscape mulch ,or using herbicides.

How to Pull Weeds

To weed by hand, get down on your hands and knees and use your hands or a small handheld tool to remove the weeds. Getting close to the weeds lets you pull each weed individually while causing little, if any, harm to your plants. Additionally, while you are weeding, look at your plants to ensure that they are in good health. Weeding can serve two purposes: getting rid of interlopers and alerting you to plant problems before it is too late.

Pull even the smallest of the weeds; they are easier to pull when they are small. Their roots are less developed, and they have less chance to wreak havoc on your plants. Afterall, a weed takes away moisture and nutrients intended for your plant.

Be sure to pull out the entire weed, including roots. Merely snipping weeds at the base leaves the main problem in the ground. You can use a small trowel to help you get under the weed. It also helps to water your garden a few hours before you weed to loosen the soil a little.

You probably want to pull weeds early in the day when it’s cooler. Weed regularly, once or twice a week. By setting a regular schedule, you can make weed control part of your weekly routine and make sure that small weeds do not grow into large ones. You can add dead weeds to your compost heap.

Using Mulch to Control Weeds

Another method of weed control is mulch. Mulch keeps weeds out and retains moisture in your garden. You could use plastic mulch, which will almost entirely eliminate weeds. However, it will not return nutrients to your soil, nor is it environmentally friendly.

Organic mulch, created from compost, can keep weeds down as long as it is applied thickly. Any weeds that do appear through the mulch are easy to pull. Organic mulch is environmentally friendly and acts as a natural fertilizer.


Of course, you could use weed killers and herbicides for weed control. These chemicals are often the fastest way to get rid of weeds and require little effort to apply. However, be careful, as the chemicals are harmful and can damage your plants if not applied properly.

The chemicals can also be harmful to people and pets. Read the labels to ensure that you apply them properly and use proper protection for yourself to avoid skin contact or breathing the vapors. For a safer alternative, try all natural weed control products.


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