What Is All This Floor Heat Technology

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by Dan Broderick
(Los Angeles, California, US)

Do you find yourself asking the following questions: Is floor heat really necessary? What’s with all this new fangled talk about floor heating? Why would anyone need that when they have a perfectly good heater working?

Why would I want something that’s such a hassle and a waste of money to install? These are just some of the typical questions most people would ask.

It would seem like a waste of time and money for some people when they hear about that topic. These people neglect heating their floors because the concept is quite new.

Floor heat is actually a very effective and practical house heating system. Just think about how the floor seems to be the coldest part of the house. This is true even if your floor is made of wood instead of tiles.

Even if you cover it in carpet, the floor and the area near the floor is the coolest place. This phenomenon can be attributed to the fact that hot air rises up, this is the same principle that enables hot balloons to lift of the ground. If hot air goes up, then of course, cold air travelsdown.

This is because cold air molecules are tighter, there’s less space between them. Therefore they are more dense and heavier. Think of how rain falls or how moisture forms around cold glasses after the warm water vapor hits them.

The gaseous water vapor constricts and becomes water. Once you understand this, it would be easier for you to understand how effective floor heat mats can be.

Your floor collects most of the cold temperature in your house. Heat the floor and the whole house, warms up, in small increments. Winter would no longer be such an enemy.

You could sit, or walk without slippers and you would feel like you are in the sun drenched tropics. The heat from absorbed by the tiles also influences the air above. This warm air rises up and heats up the rest of your home.

When the cold air, in turn, falls down to the floor, it then gets heated up again. This cycle, called convection, has been the principle observed in all heating technology designs.

Floor heat technology uses radiant heat mats that can be installed underneath the tiles. The actual installation is not that hard at all. And if you are planning on remodeling or fixing your floors anyway, then this would be the perfect opportunity to install the radiant heatmat.

There are so many types available in the market today so you won’t be hard pressed in finding your very own. Some of the best (though not necessarily the most expensive) are able to repel electromagnetic forces that might cause minor feedback.

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Updated: May 22, 2013 — 2:34 pm

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