Why Design a Sustainable Vegetable Garden?

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The reason more people are acting to achieve self-sufficient living lies with our financial and political systems as they have evolved over the last few decades. This includes the fact that more people are opting to be in better control of their own lives. That means, among other things, wanting job security, home security, you know, the basics of material things: food, clothing and shelter!


Food production in this country is mostly tied in with BIG company food manufacturing. The BIG food manufacturers mostly do NOT practice organic methods of growing produce. We have seen big corporations in various fields grow too big, and then violate sound financial policy and then collapse, requiring tax-payer bail-outs. (Tax payers = you and me of course.) But while they are busily expanding and making profits, their customers’ best interests (meaning you and me of course) are not always kept in mind and given a high enough priority.

And then some BIG companies like Monsanto have the capacity to dictate how food is produced, and also to affect laws in their favor, as well as adversely affecting farmers who are independent. For information on this, it would be good to see the documentary film called “Food Inc” and the Organic Consumers Association website.

Contrast all that with designing a sustainable vegetable garden with even a small plot of land that produces fresh vegetable yields in any climate and soil conditions. Voila, we have now graduated from having to consume what is provided for us by the “powers that be.” And, guess what? That self-sufficiency is rewarded with high quality fresh vegetables that are nutritionally superior to what we pay money for in the stores.

So the choices are:
1) pay good money for nutritionally inferior produce that tastes less good, or
2) pay less money for better quality fresh, flavorful organic produce, and have some fun with some easy maintenance of the plants we are going to harvest.

This can even be done with potted plants in a condo, if one can’t own or borrow an 8 x 8 foot plot of land somewhere. Yes, there are set-ups, but maintenance is mostly a breeze. And you could contemplate all those bugs and pests you’re not going to have to deal with. The key is diversifying what you plant, and using kitchen compost as fertilizer. Then year-round, you could have some of the best veggies to eat raw, cook, freeze, give away-your choice!

And that’s what this is all about: CHOICES! Happy gardening and bon appetit.

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