Two Ways To Clean Your Wooden Venetian Blinds

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wooden venetian blinds

Wooden venetian blinds add a real feel of quality, style & calm to whatever room of the home you use them in. You may however think that keeping wooden venetian blinds clean will be a long, slow and tedious process.

However, it is actually remarkably simple…..if you know how!.

Any type of window blinds material will have specific requirements when it is to be cleaned so it is always a good idea to do a little homework.

After all, if you go blazing in without a sufficient amount of knowledge, then you can end up doing more harm than good!

There are two simple ways to keep you wooden venetian blinds looking their best for many years to come. You can choose to use either of these methods; they will still give you the same great results. But, before you get started, it is advisable to place an old towel or dust sheet beneath the blinds you are cleaning.

The chances are that you will be removing a great deal of dust and this will help to catch the worst of it.

Even if you don’t have wooden venetian blinds, but instead you have voile roman blinds or even aluminium venetian blinds the basic principles of keeping them clean are the same. Please follow the two methods below:

• Method 1 – Using a Feather Duster.

If possible, purchase a soft, lint-free sleeve for your feather duster. This will help to pick up a maximum amount of dust and it will help to prevent particles flying around whilst you are working. It can also be washed out once you have finished cleaning your blind/s. This type of sleeve is an absolute must for anyone with any kind of dust-related allergy!

Position the slats on your wooden Venetian blinds so that they are flat towards you and dust them in slow downward strokes. Do not move the duster too quickly or it will send particles into the air and you will end up breathing them in…..

Stop every few minutes, take the duster outside, remove the sleeve and give it a good shake. You’ll be surprised at how much dirt there is!

• Method 2 – Using a Vacuum Cleaner.

This method is even easier, but it will only be possible if your vacuum cleaner has a brush attachment for its hose…

Once again, you will need to position the blinds so that the slats are flat towards you and you should work form the top downwards. Once you have reached the bottom you can readjust the slats and start again form the top. This will ensure that no areas are missed during the cleaning process. When your blinds have been thoroughly vacuumed, wipe over them with a lint-free cloth.

As you can see, wooden blinds actually demand very little attention. Both of these cleaning methods are extremely simple to carry out and will take a minimal amount of time.

The only other routine care that wooden blinds will require from time to time is a quick rub over now and again with a special polish or oil. This will help them to retain their original shine and protect them from sunlight or any temperature changes.

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